A morning reverie interrupted

how to get free room and board for life

I yawned hugely and took another sip of tea as I read through my spells I’d prepared for the day one last time. Just after finishing there was a knock at the door. And standing at the door was the pleasant Halfling housekeeper that had been cleaning our rooms for the past fortnight, Bethana as I recalled. She looked upset. Motioning her in the rest of the group gathered around from their adjoining rooms to hear what had upset her. She told us Ameiko was missing since late last night. She led us to her rooms and we found a message from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto. It intimated their father had betrayed the town and that she should meet him at the glassworks the night of her disappearance. Forthwith our stalwart band set out to the glassworks. (I’m thinking we could call ourselves the Takahashi Tigers but no takers yet…)

Trudging through dew moistened grass in the pre-early dawn we could see the smoke from one single smoke stack already burning in the works. When none of the doors were readily open I took out the lock repair kit (sanctioned by sheriff Hemlock earlier that week I’ve reminded Altus) to remedy the situation.

Within we encountered goblins who had raided the place apparently earlier in the day and rescued a local ranger. As we ventured further into the works we found increasing signs of mayhem left behind by raiding Goblins.

Hatching a quick plan that relied upon the eternal greed and desire for chaos that is a goblins nature we succeeded in surprising a group of them in the main furnace room of the works. The grim scene there included many burned and dismembered bodies and culminated with the tortured body of Ameiko’s father entombed in molten glass likely while he was still alive.

Higgins quickly took advantage of the situation by filling the room with grasping plants that smashed their way in through windows surrounding the room. Lendon proved to be quite adroit laying waste with rapier and spell upon the goblins around him. The Ranger left the troupe with a reassuring first impression, by rushing into the room, flipping over a goblin, impaling him with a swift stroke of the sword in mid air and landing with a self-satisfied smile as he listened to the goblins lifeless body crunch to the broken glass on the floor behind him.

Ameiko’s long lost brother joined the frey soon after and nearly dropped me with an arrow. But a combination of a huge wolf harrowing his flanks, and massive hammer blows from a giant paladin who with his last breath before passing out fell upon Tsuto, ended the conflict. We later found Ameiko and rescued her (free room and board for life! He he) and found evidence of some evil plans being put in motion that may soon affect the town. Not bad for an early mornings work and if we hurry back we might still catch what’s left of breakfast at the Rusty Dragon


great writeup. thanks for doing this! It will be a memorable campaign.

A morning reverie interrupted

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