Goblin tribes
and how to find them

The ranger seems to be a good person despite her cold blue eyes. Fortunately for us, she has a lot of information about the local goblin tribes that we can use to get to the bottom of what is going on around Sandpoint.

Mosswood Goblins

  • This is the largest tribe.
  • They are the furthest from Sandpoint (East and South)
  • Held back by internal feuds

Bird Cruncher Goblins

  • Closest to Sandpoint (SE)
  • least aggressive

Lick Toad Goblins

  • Marsh to the south

Seven Tooth Goblins

  • In Shankswood to the Eas
  • Raid Sandpoint’s dump to make weapons and armor

Thistletop Goblins

  • Along the coast East and North

The fact that all five tribes were involved in the raid is extremely unusual. The Goblins commonly attack in small groups but there must be a leader who is strong enough to unite all of the tribes. There are currently 5 Goblin heroes (if one could call a Goblin a hero) who may be at work.

Big Gummut

  • Mosswood tribe
  • legend that he is the mix of a hobgoblin and a wild boar


  • Seven Tooth trige
  • Has a prized magical longsword
  • He disappeared several months ago


  • Cannibal
  • Lick Toad tribe


  • Thistletop tribe


  • Bugbear
  • lives to the North
  • Visits all of the tribes and trades in magic items
  • hates elves

Now if only I can teach this elf witch how to fight skeletons…

Skeletons and hunting and bears. Oh my!
Season of the Witch

How did I fall in with this crew?

A wizard “Akahashi” and a druid " " I can respect, but a paladin? What are we to do with a paladin?

The town celebrated our victory over the goblin hoards. Aldrin Foxglove a nobleman from Magnimar, took us on a boar hunt. The boar fell prey to our spears and the druids Entangle saved us from a sloth of bears (look it up. sloth means a group of bears)

While feasting on the boar the sheriff came to beg our aid on another quest. A heroes work is never done. The tomb of Tobin ( a false but beloved priest) had been desecrated. A gang of goblins climbed the wall and broke in. We entered the dark tomb to search for clues. My Light revealed 4 piles of rotting bones which sprang to life with murderous intent. Akahashi greased the floor to slow them and we made a strategic retreat. I badly injured a skeleton with my blade “Scorpoin sting” and the paladin was able to finish it off with his clumsy blade.
The others were soon dispatched but we discovered that Tobin’s body was missing.

The sheriff recruited a ranger Shaleyloo Endosona to help in our hunt for the goblins and Tobin’s body. He then left for Magnimar to recruit more men to help the town.

We were left to guard Sandpoint.

Days later early in the morning Bethana Korwin (elderly halfing maid)(not my type) woke us.
Amiko Kajitsu was missing and only a day after her own father Langiko disowned her.
We discovered a note from her brother Tsuto. He suspects their father was involved with the goblin raid. He set a late night meeting at the glassworks where he is the foreman.

We had had to find Amiko(she’s hot).
We have to find Tobin’s body.
We have to save Sandpoint from the goblins.

Entering the kobold lair...
Rescuing the wizards fiance

As the evening started, Midge and barbarian stood at the end of an alley while waiting for Cleric and Nineleyn finish discussing the parties next steps with a kobold. Suddenly the kobold took off running toward the end of the alley, but before getting very far became mist-like and disappeared. Cleric and Nineleyn examined the tracks and determined that the running kobold became lighter (in weight) for several steps before disappearing entirely.

Meanwhile, a humanoid male that Midge noticed was watching the entire affair starting walking toward the end of the alley. Dressed as a street urchin, Midge thought this person might have had a hand in the kobold abduction so decided to approach the human for questioning. Rather than shy away, the youth warily approached midge and said he had a message to deliver. Through questioning, the youth relayed that he had received a notice to deliver this message a couple of years before on this specific night to a party of people who talked with a kobold who then disappeared… the message indicated the party should proceed to a local tavern for information regarding the kobold disappearance.

Proceeding across town to the indicated tavern, the party found the establishment to be rather seedy. Nervously walking in, the party approached the barkeep and asked if there were any messages left for them. Eyeing them warily, the barkeep relayed that he did have a message and handed it over to the party. Further questioning indicated the barkeep had received a message oddly about two years before indicating that the party would come in to the bar this night and that he should relay the message on how to access the kobold lair. He knew no other information about where the message came from or what would happen but was both paid well to deliver the message and threatened to have his secrets revealed should he not deliver the message accordingly.

The party proceeded down into the kobold lair, which was found by following sewers beneath the city. Wary of traps, the party proceeded for some time before seeing offshoot passageways to the left and right ahead, as well as kobolds who appeared to be lookouts. The kobolods used arrows with tanglevine spell to trap the party and prevent them from advancing to attack. When the party retaliated with spells and arrows, the kobolds ran into a side passage and released a huge boulder that began rolling down the sewer toward the now-held party members! Thinking quickly, the mage cast rope trick allowing he and the cleric to climb to safety while Midge and the barbarian leapt into side passages. As the boulder streaked past, it did manage to clip both the mage and barbarian scraping them up significantly.

Enraged by this the party pursued the kobolds taking them out as they descended into a new chamber. The last couple of kobolds called to ‘Gerty’ to arise from the sewage and debris around the room and help them. Gerty turned out to be an Otyugh who fought the party with the kobolds lashing out with vine-like arms and biting with its huge maw. Eventually Midge saw an opening and running underneath the creature managed to slice up into its entrails felling the horrid beast.

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